About the Founders

Michelle SinclairAubrey Henderson

Michelle (DJ Lady Sinclair) & Aubrey met while working as DJs in the Hollywood club and bar scene.  They decided to collaborate after realizing that they both share the same taste in music, enthusiasm toward DJing and love for electronics.  Soon they were booking gigs together and hosting nights around town.  Deciding that they had bigger dreams and realizing that they both love helping people create successful events, they opened Haute Mobile Disco.

Since HMD opened it's doors in 2014, Aubrey and Michelle have worked together as a DJ duo creating a template for the collective that our whole team now follows.  Whether its as a DJ Duo or playing with live musicians they create an infectious energy behind the turntables that is felt on the dance floor.  It is exciting to watch them work.  They can take any genre of music and mash them together to create a live continuous mix.  As Haute Beat, they love to play with their audience and see what journey they can take them on.  This model is embeded in the collective with every performance.

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