Haute Mobile Disco :

[oht]  [moh-buh-l]  [dis-koh]  N.  A  high end curator who builds bespoke music packages  / A traveling affair of the highest caliber / A fancy dance party

Haute Mobile Disco is a music collective of DJs, Producers and Musicians with a wicked sound system who come together to help curate epic soundtracks.   Our collective was formed out of a shared love of of music and creating the perfect space for a party.  For the HMD team, every event is a 'Haute event.'  

All of our DJs & Musicians are experienced, reputable music selectors, each having something unique to offer.  We take into consideration the attendees, the theme and the location of the event in order to put together a diverse music playlist that is uniquely crafted.  Working closely with our clients, we look at their goals and personal style when selecting music.  As the decor plays an important role in the ambiance so does the music.

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The Blind Date

Haute Mobile Disco DJs and Musicians are some of the top taste makers in the music and hospitality industry.  All are professionals with years of experience playing all types of venues and events, from huge stages, to red carpet after parties to house parties.  Working with a wide variety of musical genres our talent will mix and mash up songs keeping listeners on their toes.

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Music Samples:

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Epic NYE party 2017 at the Sun valley Idaho River Run Lodge.

When you go old school electro on the crowd at the Ketchum YMCA fundraiser.

Warehouse Hip Hop vibes playing late night after Cut Copy

When the full Haute Band gets together to play it is magic.

HMD remixing Madonna live at a private event in Palm Springs.

Most epic office party ever.  72 & Sunny's 10 year anniversary.

Out sets begin in the studio mapping out how the live elements will blend with the DJ's playlist.

Possibly one of our most favorite Beyonce moments ever.