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A wedding and event space that's out of the box.

It doesn't seem the most likely place for a romantic or chic event but it definitely is the trippiest.  With all the amenities you need, including archery and a tipi, Hicksville is the best private all inclusive trailer park in Joshua Tree.  Two hours out of Los Angeles this desert oasis will put a smile on you and your guests faces.   Guests stay in vintage trailers, each with it's own theme.  Fire pits, surround sound jukebox, coffee machine, ping pong table, mini golf, a library hut, a recording studio (yes you can also mix your next album here), pool and jacuzzi makes Hicksville a perfect set up for a rustic yet chic party.


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Wow.  There seriously was an outcry from mothers about Beyonce's performance at the Grammys.  Really?  Scared of a little booty power?  What is more romantic than singing a love song in front of the world and having your husband there with you. 

Here is a nice cover of halo by indie band CEO:

Last Dance Idea:  This song is so cool and romatic:

I Heart Mary J :

My favorite song on the Disclosure album plus Mary j Blidge = heaven.  Love this so much.

Two Oppotunities...


Journey with DJ Lady Sinclair this week while Miss Aubrey curates the launch of Hotel Nomandie


Yup. Valida and DJ Lady Sinclair will be drinking hot tod...huhum .... Cocos and playing tunes for festive shopper Friday evening.