Sound Systems


  • Full Mobile Disco    

(two 15" speakers, stands, cables & DJ set up)

  • Mini Sound System  

(two 10" speakers, stands, & cables)

  • Sub Woofer   

(Add a little bass to your sound system)

  • Extra Set of Speakers  

(This allows four speakers to an event space and a surround sound experience.)

pinkfloyd redo.jpg

DJ Booth


Turn your DJ's area into a classy set up with our custom made DJ booth.  Handmade from wood and easy to transport, this little gem adds a bit of style to your event.  It's simple wood finish allows it to blend into any decor or theme.  Or, spruce it up by adding lights and or your logo to the front. 



The Haute Mic


This vintage inspired microphone brings class and style to any given event.  Add an extra touch to a wedding ceremony, give your liver performer something fly to work with or just have a cool microphone for speeches.  Guests go crazy for it and photographers can't take a bad picture of it.