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Every couple is unique and therefore so are your wedding day needs.  Our DJs & photographers help to accommodate all the elements of the day such as ceremony, grand entrances, toasts, and more.  We pride ourselves in maintaining a classy presentation and meticulous performance in order to support the events of the day.

Hey!  Your wedding is your own private, V.I.P., red carpet event! 

Contact us about building a package and meeting our DJs, photographers & musicians.

Do forget to ask about the 360 wedding experience

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I’ve worked with Haute as well as been to their events. They are best-in-class with their dealings, presentation, willingness to please, and the general ‘class’ they bring to any event. I will not only ask them to perform more events in the future but also seek them out at any opportunity.

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Our instagram feed was created the day we opened shop.  Visit the feed for all our past weddings and events.