Ice Coffee Porn : 4 trending takes on it + Tips


1. Bubbly

Take a new twist on your coffee experience and join the latest craze of adding bubbles. Start with your favorite ice brew or make your own.  Put ice and your choice szelzzer in a glass then pour the cold brew on top.  Yum



2. The Japanese Style

No time to make your cold press?  Flash brew it!  A flash brew is commonly made by the cup with some sort of pour-over apparatus like a Chemex.  Just replace half of your brewing water with ice and pour. 


3. Like Guinness

Tons of places are serving cold brew on tap and infusing it with nitrogen.   It is kind of like a smooth and creamy glass of guinness.  If you get a chance to have a barista serve you one whatch the bubbles cascade down the side as they pour.  Swoon.


4. Japanese Style

Inspired by the Japanese method of making kori coffee, pour espresso or any other roast into an ice cube tray and freeze. Plunk a few into a glass and pour in a good amount of milk for a creamy treat that won't get watery as it melts.