Michelle Kath Sinclair

Santa Barbara : Indonesian Farm to Table

The Shelter Social Club does another solid for us Southern Californians who love to day trip.  In the heart of Santa Barbara is a tasty little Indonesian kitchen serving dishes inspired by what the local farms have to offer.  Just google search images of the food and cocktails and you might find yourself planning a trip to S.B. ASAP.

Get to know the menu : www.samasamakitchen.com

Also offering a quaint outdoor space for weddings and private events.

Bring Your Insides Out :

Spring is upon us and summer is approaching.  It is time for back yard shindigs, picnics and the beach.  There is nothing I love more than creating an outdoor lounge from things around the house and spending as little mula as possible.  

Whenever I host a party the first thing I do to set off the vibe is bring things from inside the house outside; rugs, a sofa and a coffee table.  Then I start rummaging around the house or garage sales for ideas for the decor.  Sometimes I call in favors to friends who may have that little extra finishing touch.  Another great find is downtown L.A.'s fabric district for drapery or tipi making.

It is pretty simple to create an amazing, boho, gypsy picnic lounge.  It juts takes a little time, creativity and some internet DIY searches.

Phots and insperations came from these talented folks :  Pearl Loweinspiredbythis.com , lux-eros , Sweet Emilia Jane ,  Pow Wow Rentals