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Roller Disco Any One?

What happens's when your favorite rental company seeks you out and begs your to DJ their annual industry-only party?  You don't think twice, you say yes!  (especially when they say the Theme is a Xanadu, Roller Disco)    Who cares that their headquarters is a two-hour drive or that you just got off a plan from Sundance.  Hello!  ROLLER DISCO!  ARCHIVE RENTALS! And AMAZING VENDORS!

Round of applause for these amazing photos from the night: Steve Cowell Photography  //  Wow :  Snake Oil Cocktails  //  Insanely beautiful arrangments: Fox Tail Florals //  Who doesn't like a Vintage Trailer? :  Fab Trailers  // Seriously set the mood: Glowing Event Lights  //  Yum.  We were hungry too: Collet's Catering  //  Keeping it pretty: Moe Paper Co  //  Balloons to die for: Wild Child Party  //  From the HMD crew, supplying the best in rare and well-known disco: DJ Lady Sinclair 

Last but not least, our hosts for the evening, woes warehouse is the pan's labyrinth of beautiful vintage things.  Thank you for hosting this amazing event at your home base.  Too fun:  Archive Rentals


The goal is to have as little as possible, if nothing, go to the land fill.  Sofia, from Zero Waste Co, believes that every event can be zero waste.

How the HUATE SOCIAL was zero waste:

  • Replaced paper towels in the bathrooms with cotton
  • Worked with vendors to make all trash compostable
  • Used unrecyclable material for event tickets (old glow sticks, bread ties and art log cards)
  • Used unrecyclable materials to make the photo booth decor (the inside of chip bags)
  • Worked with Boomtown to replace all trash cans with compostable trash bags
  • Replaced plastic drinking cups

introducing the HAUTE SOCIAL


The Haute Social is a biannual gathering for vendors in the hospitality industry by like-minded vendors.  Each event is hosted by a group of contributors with the purpose to create a space to hang with those they have met or worked with in the past.  

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If SHE LIFT then We Lift

It is truly a rare occasion to have hundreds of women in one room.  So we commend Sarah Herron for putting together this amazing She Lift Event with an inspiring panel of women.

Visit the She Lift site to learn more about this event and what this nonprofit does to help women communities.


Tips for Green Events with Zero Waste CO

Spring and summer are right around the corner and there is nothing we love more than outdoor entertaining.  We asked the owner of Zero Waste CO, Sofia Ratcovich to share some tips on zero waste event planning.

Tip #1 : Keep it classy and USE REAL CUPS.


Encourage your friends to bring their own reusable cups and offer a prize to who has the coolest cup.  If you go out to a party, Always Bring your own cup & don't get your drink confused with anybody else's.  There is such a huge amount of landfill waste from cups alone.

Pro Tip: Make sure the dishwasher is empty before guests arrive, keep the sink clear of stuff in case you provide the cups and don't forget to leave out some soap and a sponge. If you follow these tips above, your friends will be more motivated to clean up after themselves and they might even help you clean up too. 


Tip #2 : Skip the straw!

Whether you are at a party or your favorite restaurant, remember to tell your server "No Straw Please" EVERY TIME you order a drink.  This may seem like an obnoxious request, but not really, considering the fact that Americans use 500 million straws a day.  If you are one of those people that really wants to use a straw for every drink, then invest in a durable and reusable glass straw. This will help you avoid harmful BPA and other nasty chemicals found in conventional plastic straws.

Have you seen that video about the turtle & the plastic straw? Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wH878t78bw or don't. It's basically 8 minutes of torture for the poor animal and the folks watching the video.  You might be thinking, how can my straw end up in the ocean if I'm not a litterbug? Well, trash cans on the sidewalk sometimes get full, then they overflow onto city streets and all the trash on the ground basically will end up in the storm drain which flows directly to the ocean. Just avoid the straw. 

Tip #3 : While your at it, say no to plastic forks


The statistics on plastic forks is the same of not worse as the straw.  I have three kids and have gotten used to packing these cute bamboo sets for our days out.  As a family of five one outing could result in throwing away 10 plastic forks, 10 plastic knives, 10 plastic spoons and 20 straws.  Now times that by how many days of the year we leave the house.  That is a lot of waste.


Zero Waste Company helps companies and event coordinators to create a 100% zero waste environment.  

Visit the website for more info


What Ryan Seacrest has to say about us...

We are so excited about this review of our owners DJ Lady Sinclair & Aubrey Henderson's DJ set at the Seacrest Production event.

so much tiki fun! thx to everyone on my team – couldn’t get it all done without you! #holidayparty #happyhuladays

A video posted by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on

The art of the Paper Flower like never before


Paper artists and interior beautifier, Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen, makes the most amazing paper creations we have ever see.  First question, have you ever made paper flowers?  My girlfriends and I got together with wine and cheese and made paper flower for a baby shower.  Of the ten girls that spent hours making some pretty good paper flower nothing compares for Marianne's stunning and beautiful arrangments.

With no website and only an email address M.E.S.H. works by arrangements referrals or if you happen to stumble on her Instagram page.

For pricing and such email her: Instagram.sh@gmail.com

Rock Your Summer

10 ways to enjoy summer in your town

Most of us don't really have a summer break, but it is still summer and everyone you know will be feeling the vibe.  So get out there and take summer by the balls and make it epic.  You don't have to spend a ton of money or even travel anywhere to have amazing adventures.  Check out this list inspired by Jullian Hough

1. Host a movie night under the stars.

2. Have an epic picnic.

3. Host a BBQ.

4. Hit up your neighborhood lemonade stand.

5. Go twenty-four hours screen free. Seriously!

6. Read a book in a hammock.

7. Go night swimming.

8. Start a water balloon fight with your besties.

9. Go camping - or glamping! Whichever suits you best. 

10. Make a summer bucket list of things you want to do in your town.

Unique Rental Company : Fold Events

The Folds Event Rental Company probably has some of the most unique vintage and hand made items for rent.  My most favorites being the 80's coke-a-cola machine and the interactive furniture art (Pictured below).  They also host workshops and creative events in amoungst their collections in their space in downtoen Los Angeles.

Enter their world:


Event Ideas : Poetry done cool

As inspired by...

...Lauren & August's amazingly beautiful wedding who's backdrop was the ever dreamy Palm Springs and its ancient cacti.


...the historical Smoke Tree Ranch

Unique vendor...

Jacqueline Suskin and her Poem Store

It was so breathtaking to arrive at such a beautiful compound in the middle of Palm Springs.  As guests arrive, they were greeted with not only champagne (ps. despite what anyone says, this is a great way to start a wedding ceremony) and stunning cactus gardens, but also the romance of poetry.  Jacqueline sits at a wooden table with an old typewriter and a piece of paper.  Give her a subjest and she will create a memory for your guests to take home.  

What makes this vendor unique?

Suskin is a natural beauty with a sense of style.  Along with giving your guests something to walk away with, she creates a beautiful scene, with the vintage typewriter and trinkets, which sets the mode.




For your table :

I have always loved the art of table dressing.  Just like music, it sets the tone when one sits down for dinner.  Theis week we feature handmade ceramics by local artist Desanka.  Both rustic and edgy we love pairing her table ware with clean, modern hardware.  

Desanka works out of her studio tucked away in the Hollywood Hills hideaway inside the of Lux Lodge.  She is always hosting crafting and food events.  Visit her site and tantalize your senses.

Click here to shop lux ceramics.

Craft & Support Breast Cancer Research :

We are excited to be play tunes for this pop-up LUX / LOUNGE at Westfield Century City! It's a charity event to benefit Bright Pink a breast and ovarian cancer education foundation. Our good friend over at LUX/EROS has curated a market place with some great local artisans: 

  • Sandoval Aromatics 
  • Juniper & Fir
  • Erin Ferro 
  • Alissa Bell Press
  • Sees & Says
  • Rule Of Three
  • Merchant Modern


There will be a beautiful and relaxing lounge where you can enjoy a cocktail or coffee from Blue Bottle and dance to our favorite HMD DJ DJ Lady Sinclair



Please email CENTURYCITY@WESTFIELD.COM to hold your spot! 15 % of all purchases of goods and workshops go Bright Pink.

I really hope you will be there to support this important cause!  It's totally kid friendly so bring the whole family!

Bring Your Insides Out :

Spring is upon us and summer is approaching.  It is time for back yard shindigs, picnics and the beach.  There is nothing I love more than creating an outdoor lounge from things around the house and spending as little mula as possible.  

Whenever I host a party the first thing I do to set off the vibe is bring things from inside the house outside; rugs, a sofa and a coffee table.  Then I start rummaging around the house or garage sales for ideas for the decor.  Sometimes I call in favors to friends who may have that little extra finishing touch.  Another great find is downtown L.A.'s fabric district for drapery or tipi making.

It is pretty simple to create an amazing, boho, gypsy picnic lounge.  It juts takes a little time, creativity and some internet DIY searches.

Phots and insperations came from these talented folks :  Pearl Loweinspiredbythis.com , lux-eros , Sweet Emilia Jane ,  Pow Wow Rentals


Haute Mic

We are very excited about our new mic.  Lady Sinclair, one of our founders, has been dreaming about this mix for years.  She has an eye for style and has always though of most mics as an eye sore.  Especially in wedding ceremonies.

Our test run in last months wedding at the Marvimon was a huge success.  The sound during the ceremony was impeccable.  What a show stopper for speeches.  Then during dancing.......let's just say there was a lot of attention on the mic.

Make our Haute Mic a part of your package.