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What Do You Meme?


Like most folks these days, I spend a fair portion of my time trolling social media.  One of my favorite things about this time sucking activity is the comedy of the Meme.  There are a ton of members I follow as a form of escape and a good laugh, and now one of them has brought it out of the internet and into our homes.  

Welcome the game of Meme: 

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Other great socializers : FJTV, Harry Chronic Junior, SH. Head Steve

Rock Your Summer

10 ways to enjoy summer in your town

Most of us don't really have a summer break, but it is still summer and everyone you know will be feeling the vibe.  So get out there and take summer by the balls and make it epic.  You don't have to spend a ton of money or even travel anywhere to have amazing adventures.  Check out this list inspired by Jullian Hough

1. Host a movie night under the stars.

2. Have an epic picnic.

3. Host a BBQ.

4. Hit up your neighborhood lemonade stand.

5. Go twenty-four hours screen free. Seriously!

6. Read a book in a hammock.

7. Go night swimming.

8. Start a water balloon fight with your besties.

9. Go camping - or glamping! Whichever suits you best. 

10. Make a summer bucket list of things you want to do in your town.

New Site for Hotel Booking

Still planning that getaway?

Check out NIght Night Co. for a selection of some of the coolest and unique hotels you may never have found.  They hand pick each hotel to create a titillating online experience while choosing where you will rest your head on your next trip.  From Tulum to Amsterdam to Budapest, the Night Night Co as curated, "the coolest affordable hotels for a new generation of travelers that appreciate good design, creative vibes and want to stay at a hotel that provides more than just a bed for one night. All without breaking the bank." Ummmmm....sign me up.

Valentines Day is for everyone : CourtesanLA's tips for finding Love!

Married, divorced, boyfriend, girlfriend, single? Well then, this applies to you...so listen up. Love is everywhere. Right?! Yes. You can literally find it everywhere. You might challenge this and say 'But is love in a divorce, in a fight, in hate, in a war, in homelessness, in a dirty toilet?' and my answer will still be 'YES!'. Love is a positive energetic charge. It's a shift of perception, from negative to positive. When we feel  sad, frustrated, hopeless and alone, we have shifted our thinking from 'yes' to 'no'. The end of a relationship might not look like love but the love that was there was initiated by a shift in perception as well. We decide to love. We make the move to either love or hate. It's obviously a much better world when we choose to love. Love is positive, warm, tender, protective, sweet, kind, grateful, loyal, nurturing, affection and happy. The key to finding love is so easy...it's just so easy I dare you to try it. Ready?

1. Let Love Rule-

Try this practice of literally sending love to everyone you talk to in one day. It's hard to send love sometimes to people you've never met on the phone, but it's also the easiest because it requires almost zero muscular effort. The hardest will be sending it to those you really do love, those that frustrate you. Send them love too! Just do it. You'll feel better, I promise.


2. Gratitude-

Sorry, this is the hardest part! Try making a list, daily if possible, of the three things you are grateful for.  You will be surprised how each day this list may completely change.  Sometimes I'm grateful for sunshine, my boyfriend, my mother, my reliable car, a roof over my head, great friends, my godson, my dogs, healthy food...I choose only three, everyday.


3. Treat Yourself-

Uhhh...my fave! This is the best of all. Get ready to give yourself some love. Love yourself the way you want to be loved. Self-love can be interpreted however you want. It can range from alone time, meditation, journaling, a drive up the coast, a massage, a haircut, pretty flowers, a new surfboard, your favorite meal, a movie or masturbation! Yeah, all of these things are up to you to decide how you want to give yourself some love. 


4. Be Open-

Stay positive. Positivity is key. We all forget this, but we need to remind ourselves that when we are open and receptive to love, we let ourselves be loved. Letting love in is just as important as loving others. If we can't be open to love, we could be missing lots of love.  Let everyone love you. The homeless guy you passed in front of Starbucks, the creep that stared at you a little too long in the parking lot, the FedEx guy that delivered your package today, the girl who rang you up at CVS, the lady in traffic that cut you off, Trump, your ex, the guy/girl on Tinder with a tiger, they can all love you. See, because love costs nothing, literally everyone can love you. Even if they don't really love you or they don't say they love you, it's important for you to think about them loving you. Even a little bit of love is better than no love at all. It's hard not to be loved when you are loved, loving and love.

Ok disciples, now take all of these tips and get out there! Report back and let me know if you have any problems or SUCCESSES!!!

Be love. 

Bianca White for CourtesanLA

Relationship, Love & Sex Coach


A chef's gift

Based out of Virginia this team of metal workers have developed a line of hand made kitchen cookware both beautiful and rustic.  All of Blanc Creatives  items are 100% handmade which makes them a perfect gift for the chef who thinks they have it all.  Specialzing in iron work and wood work Blanc Creatives has combind the two materials to create a bespoke and costume experience for the culinary mind.  

Crafting Gifts for every occasion:

It is that time of year when we must start thinking about honoring those we are grateful for and stress about what gifts we can come up with this time.  Well, don't fret, have the super creative Simone LeBlanc make it for you.

Whether it is a thank you for bridesmaids, a holiday gift for a college or swag for a gathering, Simone works to create a beautiful and hand picked gift box.  

Click here for for more info


For your table :

I have always loved the art of table dressing.  Just like music, it sets the tone when one sits down for dinner.  Theis week we feature handmade ceramics by local artist Desanka.  Both rustic and edgy we love pairing her table ware with clean, modern hardware.  

Desanka works out of her studio tucked away in the Hollywood Hills hideaway inside the of Lux Lodge.  She is always hosting crafting and food events.  Visit her site and tantalize your senses.

Click here to shop lux ceramics.