All You Need Is Love

Still talking about the wedding of Alyssa & Collin who got married in the middle of a California Redwood Forest and camped, yes camped, as well.  (That's right.  The bride got ready at a campsite!)  For all those rustic, bohemian dreamers Camp Campbel in Boulder Creek is a romantic setting with an outdoor chapel and a large green for the reception.  Guests get to stay in the local town that has some amazing breakfast and dinner spots as well as a plethora of quant Air BNB rentals.

What about vendors?  The bride is a wedding photographer who knew exactly whom she wanted to have on her own wedding day.  Most of us came up from southern California and for the HMD crew, we brought our sound system to the woods giving the outdoor Chapple the most amazing soundtrack.  Then it was a dance party all night long in the woods.  Amazing to say the least



First Dance: Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke

Clip from our INSTAGRAM:

photography: Luke and Mallory 

venue name: YMCA Camp Campbell, Boulder Creek, California, USA

event design & Planning: Samantha Dapper Events 

florals: Shindig Chic

videography: Maio Media 

catering: pies from Buttery Bakery 

cake: The Sweetest Couple 

rentals: Archive Rentals 

furniture rentals: Alexis Party Rentals 

music: Haute Mobile Disco 

photo booth: The Booth Bus 

Simple Hindu Wedding

Found this stunning video on the Over The Moon site from a wedding we were a part of in 2011.  It was a beautiful wedding at the LA River full of color on culture.   Below we have included some of our Instagram videos from the night as well.  I love to see the polished videoographer and photogrophers picutes then cut to our posts of the party getting wild.




The goal is to have as little as possible, if nothing, go to the land fill.  Sofia, from Zero Waste Co, believes that every event can be zero waste.

How the HUATE SOCIAL was zero waste:

  • Replaced paper towels in the bathrooms with cotton
  • Worked with vendors to make all trash compostable
  • Used unrecyclable material for event tickets (old glow sticks, bread ties and art log cards)
  • Used unrecyclable materials to make the photo booth decor (the inside of chip bags)
  • Worked with Boomtown to replace all trash cans with compostable trash bags
  • Replaced plastic drinking cups

Check out this wedding on Smitten Magazine

Thank you to Smitten Magazine for the instagram love and reminding us about this amazing Paradise Cove wedding.  

Not only is Paradise Cove and an amazing gem of Malibu, it also provides the most stunning and romantic backdrop for a California wedding.  We had the pleasure of providing music and sound for the wedding now featured on Smitten Magazine blog.  Click here to visit the full article and get inspired.

The music, the food (and bourbon!) and amazing people and stunning environment of the Bluff at Paradise Cove turned out to be exactly as wonderful as we had envisioned it would be. The part I’d most like to share here is the moment I stole for myself in the middle of it all to take a look around and soak it all in. I gazed at the dance floor full of people enjoying themselves, felt the warmth of the bonfire and quilts, took in a deep breath of ocean air, and it was all just…perfect. It was the most perfect moment of my life.
— Elizabeth, the Bride

Valentines Day is for everyone : CourtesanLA's tips for finding Love!

Married, divorced, boyfriend, girlfriend, single? Well then, this applies to listen up. Love is everywhere. Right?! Yes. You can literally find it everywhere. You might challenge this and say 'But is love in a divorce, in a fight, in hate, in a war, in homelessness, in a dirty toilet?' and my answer will still be 'YES!'. Love is a positive energetic charge. It's a shift of perception, from negative to positive. When we feel  sad, frustrated, hopeless and alone, we have shifted our thinking from 'yes' to 'no'. The end of a relationship might not look like love but the love that was there was initiated by a shift in perception as well. We decide to love. We make the move to either love or hate. It's obviously a much better world when we choose to love. Love is positive, warm, tender, protective, sweet, kind, grateful, loyal, nurturing, affection and happy. The key to finding love is so's just so easy I dare you to try it. Ready?

1. Let Love Rule-

Try this practice of literally sending love to everyone you talk to in one day. It's hard to send love sometimes to people you've never met on the phone, but it's also the easiest because it requires almost zero muscular effort. The hardest will be sending it to those you really do love, those that frustrate you. Send them love too! Just do it. You'll feel better, I promise.


2. Gratitude-

Sorry, this is the hardest part! Try making a list, daily if possible, of the three things you are grateful for.  You will be surprised how each day this list may completely change.  Sometimes I'm grateful for sunshine, my boyfriend, my mother, my reliable car, a roof over my head, great friends, my godson, my dogs, healthy food...I choose only three, everyday.


3. Treat Yourself- fave! This is the best of all. Get ready to give yourself some love. Love yourself the way you want to be loved. Self-love can be interpreted however you want. It can range from alone time, meditation, journaling, a drive up the coast, a massage, a haircut, pretty flowers, a new surfboard, your favorite meal, a movie or masturbation! Yeah, all of these things are up to you to decide how you want to give yourself some love. 


4. Be Open-

Stay positive. Positivity is key. We all forget this, but we need to remind ourselves that when we are open and receptive to love, we let ourselves be loved. Letting love in is just as important as loving others. If we can't be open to love, we could be missing lots of love.  Let everyone love you. The homeless guy you passed in front of Starbucks, the creep that stared at you a little too long in the parking lot, the FedEx guy that delivered your package today, the girl who rang you up at CVS, the lady in traffic that cut you off, Trump, your ex, the guy/girl on Tinder with a tiger, they can all love you. See, because love costs nothing, literally everyone can love you. Even if they don't really love you or they don't say they love you, it's important for you to think about them loving you. Even a little bit of love is better than no love at all. It's hard not to be loved when you are loved, loving and love.

Ok disciples, now take all of these tips and get out there! Report back and let me know if you have any problems or SUCCESSES!!!

Be love. 

Bianca White for CourtesanLA

Relationship, Love & Sex Coach 

California Desert Wedding : Ceremony Music Vibes :

There is nothing like hosting your event on a private estate in the middle of know where California.  This past weekend we helped Gina & Scott curate the perfect desert playlist for their wedding.  

The pre-ceremony music was a romantic selection from the likes of The XX, Taken by Trees, Feet Foxes, Beirut, Ratatat, Matt Costa, Midlake and Sufjan Stevens.   The groom walked in with the family to Courtney John's tune 'Lucky Man'.  The bride walked down the isle to Cat Power's 'Sea of Love'.  The recessional song was a great rendition of 'Sexual Healing' by the Hot 8 Bras Band.

Best Wedding Dance EVER!

Feeling a bit uninspired for your ceremonial wedding dances?  Or maybe your not really in the mood to dance with your dad to "My Girl"  Instead how about bring tears to your guests eyes and make it rain with some lil Wayne.

Julie Pepin Photography

We would like to formally introduce Julie Pepin as our newsiest member of the HMD team.  Juile now joins the Haute Flash and will be working with us to create memories for all our future events.

She's located in Los Angeles, California and available for travel worldwide. Specialize in creating fine art wedding photography that is raw, intimate, handcrafted, and imaginative. Her wedding work has been featured on 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, Style Me Pretty, and Junebug Weddings among others. She has had her photo journalism work featured in 'The Big Picture Magazine' and to have been able to work on the Webby Award winning documentary series 'David Lynch Interview Project'.