Event Ideas : Poetry done cool

As inspired by...

...Lauren & August's amazingly beautiful wedding who's backdrop was the ever dreamy Palm Springs and its ancient cacti.


...the historical Smoke Tree Ranch

Unique vendor...

Jacqueline Suskin and her Poem Store

It was so breathtaking to arrive at such a beautiful compound in the middle of Palm Springs.  As guests arrive, they were greeted with not only champagne (ps. despite what anyone says, this is a great way to start a wedding ceremony) and stunning cactus gardens, but also the romance of poetry.  Jacqueline sits at a wooden table with an old typewriter and a piece of paper.  Give her a subjest and she will create a memory for your guests to take home.  

What makes this vendor unique?

Suskin is a natural beauty with a sense of style.  Along with giving your guests something to walk away with, she creates a beautiful scene, with the vintage typewriter and trinkets, which sets the mode.