Live Healthy

HMD has been blessed to put together playlists for Livestrong and their workout events.  We get to put a check on our bucket list next to "DJ for an Olympic Gold Medalist"

Visit for workouts and food ideas.

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This event was a FACEBOOK LIVE event

Here is the video from the facebook live event that we ran the sound for and our amazing founders Aubrey Henderson & DJ Lady Sinclair were the music selectors. 


They had to replace the music our DJs where playing for ROYALTY FREE MUSIC>

Now taking Coffee meetings @ Bar Nine :

Coffee lovers!

 Bar Nine in Culver City's warehouse district is roasting their own beans and serving up fresh brews to mid-city hipsters and working professionals.  From the outside it doesn't look like a public place.  On this inside they have built out a modern, clean space.  Specializing in high quality coffees and expressos, you will not be disappointed.  


Oh, they also serve food.  A simple menu of fresh breads, cold cuts and veg to pair with your drinks.  They also will cater to your office or event.

Let's meet for a drink!

Check it out :