Basking in the solar eclipse

What is more epic than a solar eclipse?  Getting to DJ and set up the sound system for a yoga class on the 73rd floor in downtown LA durring the solar eclipse.  Check out the clip below from Livestrong then CLICK HERE to see the soalr eclispe palylist.

Event Shout outs: Livestong, Sterling Social. Messex Industry

For your table :

I have always loved the art of table dressing.  Just like music, it sets the tone when one sits down for dinner.  Theis week we feature handmade ceramics by local artist Desanka.  Both rustic and edgy we love pairing her table ware with clean, modern hardware.  

Desanka works out of her studio tucked away in the Hollywood Hills hideaway inside the of Lux Lodge.  She is always hosting crafting and food events.  Visit her site and tantalize your senses.

Click here to shop lux ceramics.

Best Wedding Dance EVER!

Feeling a bit uninspired for your ceremonial wedding dances?  Or maybe your not really in the mood to dance with your dad to "My Girl"  Instead how about bring tears to your guests eyes and make it rain with some lil Wayne.