HMD Guest Series: Peter Daily

We reached out to friend and fellow collaborator Peter Daily for his top 3 songs (very hard to do...we know)...Not only did he come back with some great ones, but he also gave us a peak into some of his own songs! Check him out.


IG: peterdaily

Twitter:  @thepeterdaily


Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Being a big McCartney fan this might be my favorite song from him. It's a straight forward love song and on this live version he kills it vocally.

Peter Daily - Seven More Days

This is one of my favorite songs that I've written. I had the pleasure of working with guitarist Brian Ray (Paul McCartney) on this one.

Gabriel Garzon-Montano - "Crawl"

A girl called Tasha introduced me to this Stonesthrow artist. Gabriel is piano player like myself so I appreciate the chord progressions and feel. Real funky tune.

Peter Daily - Without You

I had just been in a bad break up while in Orlando Florida. The girl left me for another and after I ran into her and her new guy I went home and wrote this song.

MuteMath - "Break the Fever"

This song is off MuteMath's new album "Play Dead." I've known these guys for a while now and I'm always impressed with how the take rock and roll and blend it with funky pop sounds.