Kenzo’s Latest: "YO! MY SAINT" feat. Karen O and Michael Kiwanuka

We’re loving the latest video for Kenzo’s Spring-Summer 2018 collection. YO! MY SAINT, directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, features a beautiful duet between Yeah Yeah Yeahs goddess Karen O and Michael Kiwanuka (who you know from the 2011 single Home Again). The video takes us through an array of emotions, building to what Kenzo declares as “an arresting crescendo and the fades into a gorgeous lullaby coda.” The cadence and visuals so beautifully depict the role of the muse throughout history through the near-nymphic characters Sayoko and Ryuichi, women to whom the video's hero is tied throughout his creative endeavors in the world of high fashion.

Kenzo continues to salute creatives prolific not only in style, but also spirit. Carol Lim states, “the beautiful part about this video is it’s two women that decided to make this film together. It’s an amazing artistic endeavor and a conversation between two women. A female musician and a female director.”

This video is the sixth in a series from Kenzo’s creative team, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (who together founded Opening Ceremony in 2002). Kenzo’s continued series is amazing in that it depicts the convergence of media and communications, modern and historical— from audio, to visuals, to textiles— and also illustrate the power of gender and sexuality, a subject so influential as we enter 2018.

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